Alice Cohen

Alice Cohen

“…the kind of album I could happily listen to over and over – especially in this hazy summer heat. Cohen’s creative instincts for pop songcraft are second to none, she’s also fortunate enough to be blessed with a beautiful voice and mad synth skills. Like Prince, you get the impression that Cohen could churn out infinite rays of perfect pop indefinitely with little to no effort. ‘Pink Keys’ offers up eleven magical pop variations Madonna would be proud of. A must-own record. — Norman Records on “Pink Keys”

“…a dream-pop odyssey comprised of carefully sewn-together analog synths. It’s a record that both recalls Cocteau Twins and ‘90s Pure Moods compilations (the latter is a compliment), and conjures up a fantastical landscape that’s best described by Cohen herself as music for “cosmic discotheques, dark misty beaches, tawdry hotels.” — Interview Magazine on “Pink Keys”

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