Gabriel Miller Phillips

“A graceful honesty shining through the darkness, his voice [swoops] like a cross between Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith.” — Uncut Magazine

“In his first full-length CD, Miller Phillips emerges with broken voice fully-intact, singing visions fully-formed. It’s the work of a winsome, keen artist who knows exactly what he’s saying: the music is graced with the conviction of his despair, backed by the competing thumps and saws of worn-out guitars and soundboard beats… His work isn’t to be missed — not for its many minor quick turns or for the wry minutiae of its desolation.” — Red & Black

“This indie crooner’s smooth vocals will guide you through your summer night. With a minimalist folk sound, you’ll be drawn in with the intimate feel. He brings a sensitive, haunting style to his vocals in his first single off his album entitled “Star Crossed.” — Static

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