Jon Patrick Walker

Jon Patrick Walker

New songs coming soon from JP’s sophomore album entitled People Going Somewhere.


JP Walker has been obsessed with music, mostly rock and roll, since he learned to operate his parents’ record-player, when he was 4. He practically learned to read trying to decipher the lyrics printed on the inner sleeves of the Beatles’ “1967-1970” greatest hits double LP, and spent countless hours spinning his parents’ records.

At 8, JP started taking piano lessons, and soon wrote his first song, a ballad of heartbreak and loss entitled, “I Was In Love (Why Did She Have To Die?)” Thus, a songwriter was born. At around the same time he was cast in a small role in a play at the Yale Repertory Theater (He grew up in New Haven, CT), and was, as they say, bitten by the acting bug.

JP was in several high-school bands, all of which featured original tunes penned by him. At Carnegie-Mellon University, where he majored in drama, JP kept making music in his spare time, drumming in several bands, and beginning to learn guitar. Upon graduation, JP moved to New York City, and began pursuing a career as an actor; but it was song-writing that gave him his greatest fulfillment. Throughout his 30’s, JP worked steadily as an actor, also married and began raising a family (he and his wife, the actress Hope Davis, have two daughters). He didn’t find much time for songwriting and making music, however, though he did begin working in musicals, and even made his Broadway debut in “High Fidelity,” playing Bruce Springsteen. Two years later he appeared as Dr. Frankenstein in the Broadway musical “Young Frankenstein” (based on the Mel Brooks film).

In 2011, JP’s mom died of ovarian cancer and the sudden loss caused him to do some soul searching; he realized that he really missed making music and needed to devote much more of his creative energies to doing so. He spent the next year traveling to Nashville where he made his debut album, “The Guilty Party,” self-released in 2013, and recently completed work on his sophomore effort, “People Going Somewhere,” due for release later this year.

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