Vensaire recorded their debut album Perdix with Grammy winner Scott Colburn (Animal Collective/Arcade Fire). Released on April 15th, the band was just placed on SPIN magazine’s Top 10 list of Albums to Stream.

“…Vensaire’s new LP is a mixed batch of complexly fluid compositions. Case in point is “See, I’m You,” a daydream of a tune that transports listeners to a mystical place where glistening harmonies change pace in rollicking rhythm.” — SPIN

“Vensaire contain multitudes. The Brookyln five-piece flip influences like Birdman flips keys, mixing Greek mythology with Japanese influences and a hint of Norman McLaren’s “Pas De Deux”. — Noisey

“Akin to a jigsaw puzzle, Vensaire is assembled from jagged, oblong, and often eccentrically shaped pieces: influences range from the sweeping sounds of traditional Chinese music, to the soothing voice of Billie Holiday, to the spastic and stuttered beats of Chicago footwork, to the stories that accompany psychedelic folk music.” — Interview Magazine

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