Gabriel Miller Phillips Releases New Songs From “Mirror Mirror”

GMP Mirror Mirror

Gabriel Miller Phillips spent about 12 hours a day in recording studios from September 18th through October 6th, 2013. In late September, Gabriel went into Saltlands Studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn to track the rhythm section of the album with producer/engineer Alex Lipsen (Phosphorescent) and to record some viola that Nico Muhly wrote for the song entitled “Fortune’s Son”.

The release for the new album Mirror Mirror is slated for February 15, 2014 with a release show party at Club Milla in Munich Germany.

We asked Gabriel a few questions a little while back about the new album.

What was it like working with producer/engineer Alex Lipsen again?

He and I share similar tastes and he’s a fantastic collaborator.

You mentioned that Nico Muhly is working on this new album with you. How did you guys meet? What’s his involvement?

Nico is an old friend. We met [at] Columbia, where we both went to school. Nico scored organ and viola for [the] song, “Fortune’s Son.”

You mentioned that this record will be different than your debut One for the Crow. Can you elaborate?

This album is much more emotive than my last album. It’s also looser and more impromptu in its writing and creation. All the songs were written and recorded in under two months.

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— post by jackie lin werner