Isadora Pianos

Isadora perform every WEDNESDAY night in September at Pianos

SEPT 3rd –> 8pm Adios Ghost | 9pm Dead Leaf Echo | 10pm Isadora | 11pm Nonsense
SEPT 10th –> 9pm Honeywild | 10pm Isadora  | 11pm Samuel Cooper | 12am Waco Sparkler
SEPT 17th –> 7pm Sun Pilots | 8pm Isadora | 9pm Nuns | 10pm TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb | 11pm Ghastly City Sleep
SEPT 24th –> 7pm Matt Meade | 8pm Son Step | 9pm Owel | 10pm Floating Compass | 11pm Isadora


Wednesday, Oct 23 | Isadora 10:30p| Mercury Lounge | Doors 6:30pm | BUY Tickets | $10


Isadora is a Brooklyn based quintet, born in 2012. The band consists of Aaron Mendelsohn (vocals, guitar), Ian Mellencamp (bass, vocals), Jesse Bilotta (drums, vocals), Nick Burleigh (guitar, violin), and Josh Rouah (keyboards, guitar, vocals).

The band began as a duo, writing dreamy, melodic pop tunes inspired by the compositions of early Andrew Bird. The lineup grew and shrank, eventualy swelling into its five-piece formation. The evolution in the lineup has inspired an evolution as well in the band’s sound. Isadora has arrived at a rich, textured sound, sometimes going purely on feel and sometimes highly composed.

Surprise is one of the touchstones of Isadora’s sound – the band will set up a certain expectation but then deliver more fully on something else lurking beneath the surface. An explosive burst of rhythm shocks you out of a smoother introduction on their first release, “On the Rights,” and takes you somewhere you’d never have expected.